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Leviy offers advanced SaaS solutions for cleaning companies, holiday parks and healthcare institutions, boosting service quality and efficiency. Empower your workforce and streamline operations to stay ahead!
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Working with an app and online dashboard

Our focus is to optimise the performance of the cleaning and facility management industry. Our software platform provides insights, brings teams together and empowers interaction between them.

We believe that software should be more than a service because our app and dashboard are used every minute of the day. Leviy is fully integrated into the lives and work of the people who are using it. Therefore we aim for the highest intuitive designs. Working with our cleaning app and online dashboard is simple, smart and easy to do. So, get Leviy now!

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Together we make a difference!

We are a young and motivated team of challengers destined to make an impact. To bring change and improvement to the cleaning and facility management industry by developing smart and unique software.

As a team we explore possibilities. We work, learn and grow together. Check out these fantastic use cases and experience how we can also make a difference with our cleaning app and online dashboard!

Internet of Things

Our software platform enables you to connect all sorts of sensors and devices in real-time. Technological improvements have made it possible to develop and integrate various types of sensors and communication interfaces in a broad range of equipment and devices.

At Leviy we are convinced that some of these innovations can really make the difference in aligning and optimising the cleaning and facility management industry. At Leviy we work together with various vendors and partners to integrate new technologies. Read more about the products, partnerships and experiments we have realised.

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Leading software for Cleaning and Facility Management

As a pioneer for change, we are of strategic value for our clients who believe that our cleaning app and online dashboard will help them to achieve their mission.

With our cleaning software platform and services, we guide our clients to the next level of interaction. Teams will flow, results will go up and overall experience will exceed.

What we believe