Aafje and Leviy continue to develop together

How do customers experience working with Leviy? We asked Beate Geene, Facility Manager at Aafje Facilitair, a few questions. Beate is fully responsible for cleaning in the nursing homes, care hotels and the laundry of Aafje. In total she is responsible for about 250 employees, although it doesn't feel like it. She has been working passionately for Aafje Facilitair for 20 years and has been a customer of ours since the start of Leviy (2014).

Beate Geene, Facilitair manager bij Aafje Facilitair

Aafje and Aafje Facilitair

Aafje Facilitair is an independent organisation and is specialised in facility services. The overarching care organisation Aafje includes all facets of (elderly) care. Aafje owns 15 nursing and care homes and two care hotels. Aafje Facilitair provides all facility services for these homes and hotels, including cleaning. Besides that, they have several private customers, such as health centres, sports clubs and offices. However, Aafje Facilitair’s largest client is Aafje itself. In the past, Aafje had outsourced the cleaning to large companies. But in terms of communication and quality, they found it more satisfying to do this themselves. And that is how Aafje Facilitair came to life.

Cleaning as important as care

Beate Geene says: “We all work with one common goal and that is a satisfied customer. In the past, you could say that care was the most important. This is clearly changing now, especially in the care institutions. It is becoming clear with corona that cleaning is as important as good care. In order to continue delivering good quality, we use Leviy, among other things.”

How does Aafje Facilitair experience being a Leviy customer?

“Our experiences with leviy are positive”, Beate continues. We have been customers of Leviy since the beginning. We really feel that we have built a well-designed app together. For us, there was a basis in the beginning. From that basis, we looked together at what works for Aafje Facilitair. We asked ourselves the questions: What is pleasant for us? How can we organise this exactly? And after all these years we are still working like this. For eight years now. Leviy develops and comes with updates. If we come up against something in the use of Leviy and we say to each other: “Gee, maybe we should do that differently, is that possible? And most of the time the answer is yes!”.

Regular contact with concerned client manager

Beate: “We have regular contact with our dedicated customer manager, Daniëlle. We have a fixed contact moment twice a year anyway. Then we plan an appointment to catch up and discuss matters. Even if there are sometimes no issues at hand. Sometimes it’s just a brief chat about how things are going and whether there are issues we are facing or will be facing soon. Daniëlle translates the question into a solution that works for both Aafje Facilitair and Leviy. Excellent teamwork”.


How do you experience the contact with Leviy?

“Positive. Sometimes you need to talk about something and that is what happens. Questions are answered quickly by Daniëlle. Actually, everything is possible. I have never heard that it was not possible. Leviy always look for a solution. It’s nice that we can do this together and that we always come to a good result,” says Beate.

 How do you use Leviy in practice?

“We use Leviy to log our audits online, so everyone can gain real time access to them.” explains Beate. “The supervisor does the cleaning audits and the area managers walk along from time to time. We register the results of these audits in Leviy.”

For the care homes, Leviy has developed a form together with Aafje Facilitair. In the form, clients and residents are asked to assess the quality of the cleaning. This is done by interview. Aafje Facilitair usually interviews three residents per inspection round. They are asked a number of questions, such as: ‘Are you satisfied with the cleaning? But also how the treatment of the residents is perceived. Another question can be: Is the cleaner friendly to you? And: ‘Do you feel safe when the cleaner is cleaning your room?

Beate Geene continues: “We also do audits ourselves. At Aafje and Aafje Facilitair the quality is measured. Then we measure the technical quality but also the perception quality. We find that just as important.”

Since 2020, Aafje has its own laundry service

Here the personal laundry of residents of nursing and care homes is cleaned. They process about 4,500 kilos of laundry per week. Aafje Wasserij has also developed a quality form in Leviy for this component. It is not always about the quality of the cleaning but also about the quality in general.


Aafje Facilitair en Leviy’s Analytics module

Recently, Aafje Facilitair and Aafje Wasserij also started using the Analytics module of Leviy. “This allows us to quickly see where the cleaning and quality is in order and where improvements are needed,” adds Beate. “Through a good measurement with the help of Leviy, we keep an overview of all disciplines and there is insight into areas where extra attention can be paid. This module was also fully customised for us together with Leviy, so that we as an organization can actually use it effectively and benefit from it.”

In the beginning, Aafje Facilitair worked with paper control forms. Through another cleaning company, they eventually came into contact with Leviy. “Why develop something new when there is already something working very well! Beate concludes.

“Why develop something new when there is already something working very well!”




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