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“From paper to digital working is the biggest change” | Blankers Schoon | Testimonial

Leviy travelled to the beautiful south, where we talked to Marion Berghmans and Bart van Wijhe van Blankers Schoon. Originally founded as a window cleaning company (1966), but has grown into a well-established company in the region. Their 300 professionals ensure that various buildings and rooms are cleaned daily.
blankers-schoon-leviyBart van Wijhe & Marion Berghmans

First of all, tell us something about yourself. We are curious to find out who you are?!

Marion: “I am a regional manager at Blankers Schoon and have been working in the cleaning industry for 30 years since March. I started out as a cleaning lady and now I’m in contact with customers, site managers and cleaners on the work floor. I love working with people and making sure everything looks nice and tidy. In addition, we don’t make any plans; almost everything is done on ad hoc. This means that every day is different for me!”

Bart: “My name is Bart van Wijhe and I have been working at Blankers Schoon for a year and a half. I am a support manager and the coordinating link between the departments. As site/regional manager within Blankers Schoon, we are responsible for all daily activities from A to Z. This means that we are busy with onboarding new clients, hours, budget, staff, contact with the customer and sales. The difference between a large cleaning company and Blankers Schoon is that you have to obtain insight in the whole company to ensure everything runs smoothly. I like the diversity, but the result of this is that I never really know what time I will be home.”

How did you get touch with Leviy?

Bart: “We were looking to digitise our DKS system. We came into contact with Leviy through Vebego. Because we are a part of Vebego it was pretty easy to start with Leviy as well.”

Why did you want to digitise your DKS system? 

Bart: “This has to do with the efficiency and convenience that digitisation offers. We are also ISO certified, which means that we have to make reports. Practice has shown that if you work on paper, not everything is kept up to date or done properly. I can only have a clear overview when I have insight into which DKS’s have been conducted when. This allows us to maintain our ISO certification and provide feedback to our customers. As soon as there are any complaints, we can immediately and proactively take action. When DKS checks are carried out on paper, they disappear and nothing more is done with them. With Leviy, we can view the reports in real-time in the app and the dashboard.

At the moment we are using the DKS module and recently Checklist module. The Issue and the Time & Attendance modules are also on our roadmap, but we consciously choose to start with a small base in order to get the hang of it.”

“Shifting from working on paper to working digitally is the biggest change since using Leviy.”

Blankers-Schoon-ipad-leviyEverything at your fingertips on the Leviy App

What was the biggest frustration before Leviy arrived? 

Marion: “The biggest difference between now and before Leviy is that everything, was done on paper. It was sometimes frustrating to see that when asking about results, no answers were given. You assume that a site manager has been at a site and is honest about whether the audits that have or have not been carried out. Several site managers lost their papers and that way the results of audits were not captured. With the DKS module, Leviy enables you to achieve efficiency. You fill in the results of the DKS, save it and you’re done! Discussing the results with the customer is now also easier, because you always have your phone or tablet with you.”

“It’s really about being able to offer your site or regional managers control and guidance to employees and customers.”

Wich functionality adds the most to you? 

Bart: “The DKS module is very important to us and therefore indispensable in our field of work. In the future, we want to add annual reports, so that we have a fixed point of contact with every customer each year, besides the DKS audits and regular client visits. We do not maintain a set planning for the client visits, like we do with the DKS. We would therefore like to schedule annual reports, so that there is clarity for both the customer and Blankers Schoon.”

blankersThe statuses on each location are listed in the Leviy App

How did the regional managers learn to use the app? Do you do anything else in the field regarding application management?  

Marion: “They learnt to use the app through the Leviy training given on-site and the extra training that Leviy offers in Amersfoort. These are training courses that explain how to use the system. We don’t do any training ourselves, but because we are a relatively small company, the line of communication is short and that way we can explain things to each other. We help each other where necessary and otherwise there is always Leviy who can help us!”


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