Case: Beweging 3.0

Beweging 3.0 is active in the field of care, housing and welfare in the Eemland region. Read more about how Leviy empowers Beweging 3.0 to improve the overall cleaning quality.

Beweging 3.0 - Started working with Leviy

Case: How Leviy empowers Beweging 3.0 to improve the overall cleaning quality
27 Jan 2022

Beweging 3.0 has 12 residential care facilities and nursing homes (1200 residents). They also provide rehabilitation care for the elderly and districnursing in Amersfoort and surrounding areas. Thijs Sluiter’s, teamleader Beweging 3.0 main goal is to keep the cleaning of Beweging 3.0’s residential care, nursing homes and the offices of the district nursing, Welzin and Indebuurt033 on track.


Function: Team leader support services and responsible for cleaning.

Thijs Sluiter: 35 years old, lives in Hilversum. Works for Beweging 3.0. Thijs has a background in the hospitality industry, cleaning and facility management.

Long-time customer
Thijs first came into contact with Leviy in 2013. At that time working as Housekeeping Manager for EW Facility Services in the Hotel Okura Amsterdam. Hotel Okura Amsterdam was working together with EW Facility Services and they used Leviy. In 2019 Thijs was given the responsibility to take over the cleaning management  for Beweging 3.0. „Everything had to be arranged from taking over and hiring staff to uniforms, schedules, task lists and a good range of cleaning products & materials. We were also looking for an application that offers a overview. My experience with Leviy was very good, hence the choice for Leviy again.”

Why Leviy?
„Leviy makes it easy to see how things are going at a glance. This is easy with Leviy. You want the application you are working with to be user-friendly.”

“I want to be able to see at a glance how things are going, and this can easily be done with Leviy.”

Quality management
The DKS module gives Beweging 3.0 the possibility to measure quality. „Purely to get insight into the basics. As soon as we have a clear picture of the basics, we will look at how we want to further develop and how to fill in the details,” says Thijs.

Digitising step by step
„At Beweging 3.0 we are always looking and thinking ahead. Like, how can we digitise step by step? And how can we extend this within the cleaning department. For example, we would like the cleaner’s task list to be included in the application. This also applies to health & safety and instruction videos. We are still investigating how and where we want to place this and with whom“.

Digitisation in cleaning
Thijs believes in digitisation: „I’m all about evidence-based decision making . In my opinion, there is still too much paper being used. Simple reports with data that you can read are very important. Now we’re probably missing important information and that’s a shame. It’s also nice to share data and reports with colleagues and customers. In our case with the care colleagues of Beweging 3.0.”

“I believe in digitisation. Measurement is the key to knowledge”.

How do you work with Leviy in practice now?
„Our managers have started using Leviy. They currently perform one DKS audit per day. During this DKS audit they simply assess of everything has  has been cleaned as required. All this data is stored  in Leviy and can be easily reviewed and analysed. They, have instructed supervisors to perform these audits with Leviy. Ultimately, we want the cleaning teams to work with Leviy as well”.

How do the supervisors experience working with Leviy?
They experience the application as very user-friendly and clear. The DKS audit is registered and the report can be shared directly with the relevant employee. This ensures transparency. The employee in question then knows immediately what he or she can adjust. This is experienced as very pleasant”.

Where do you still see opportunities for digitisation?
„There are still steps to be taken within the facilities department of Beweging 3.0 in terms of digitisation. It would be great if at some point we could take a picture of a broken light bulb and send it directly to the maintenance team. Who knows, soon on to the next step? We know that this is already possible with Leviy”.

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