Inspiring story: Oasis Punt- West Resorts

Oasis Punt-West Resorts is the first Oasis Resorts park which started to work with the Leviy app.

Why did Oasis Punt-West Hotel & Beach Resort start using Leviy?

Case | Oasis Punt-West Hotel & Beach Resort
25 Jan 2022

A warm welcome to the Oasis Punt-West Hotel & Beach Resort. On the 1st of December they started using the Leviy app. The rest of the beautiful Oasis Premium accommodations will follow soon.



Oasis Premium Resorts offers unique accommodations, for a holiday or short stay, in the most beautiful places, mostly natural, in the Netherlands, France and Austria. Like Ouddorp in the province of Zuid- Holland (Netherlands). Luxurious facilities, fully equipped combined with hotel service.

Joost Veerman, Manager Accommodation & Front Office Oasis Punt-West Hotel & Beach Resort

Oasis Punt-West Hotel & Beach Resorts started using the Leisure package of Leviy to optimise the collaboration of the maintenance, cleaning and reception teams. We asked Joost about his experiences with Leviy so far.

Why did Oasis Punt – West Hotel & Beach Resort start working with Leviy?

We chose to work with Leviy because the Chief Operations Officer, Hans Dekkers and I were already familiar with the system. I worked at Center Parcs for 4 years, mainly within the housekeeping department, where Leviy was used intensely. Once you’ve started working with Leviy , you don’t want to go back to paper or e-mail.

What problem does Leviy solve? 

Leviy improves the communication between the reception, maintenance and the cleaning company. No more paper, but digital communication between departments about the state of accommodations. And no more endless searches to find the right colleague to report damages or cleaning issues for instance. It is now also possible to register deviances on the spot, whilst in the accommodations, and to add a photo as evidence. This not only improves the quality of issue reporting, it also makes it easy to follow up on them. You no longer have to remember or unravel someone else’s handwriting.

You enter it in the app and you’re done! This improves the cooperation between the various departments that are responsible for maintenance and cleaning of the accommodations. For example, the inventory checklists and cleaning ensure an unambiguous way of working and therefore a higher quality.

You no longer have to remember or unravel someone else’s handwriting”

The maintenance team was eager to start working with Leviy

The maintenance team was eager to start working with Leviy. With the use of Leviy, an enormous efficiency improvement has been made. They can receive and follow up on reported issues at any time of the day. They don’t have to log in or go back to their desks to do this.

Client manager Caroline explains:  “During onboarding, cleaners are often very impressed by the speed with which issues can now be resolved. Sometimes the maintenance employees even walk in when the cleaners are still cleaning!”.

Front office 

The communication has also improved for the front office. When a villa is ready for use, this is communicated with one click and the new guests can check-in. The cleaning employee closes the door, registers this in the app, the last check is done by Oasis Punt-West Hotel & Beach Resort and the new guests can check-in at their villa. Communication between different departments is now much more efficient. Issues are resolved faster. As a result, they can now surprise guests by giving them the key earlier than expected.

“Issues are resolved faster”

Which Leviy modules do you use?

We use the cleaning statuses, checklists, files and periodic tasks module. This is a new way of working for the employees of Oasis. Therefore client manager Caroline supported Oasis in the onboading process.

How did you ensure that all staff were trained?

Normally Caroline gives on site training. But Joost already had a lot of knowledge of Leviy and with the corona challenges this was a perfect moment for a train the trainer training. Joost explained everything to his team and Caroline was off course available for all questions and support.

How did you experience the onboarding with client manager Caroline?


Caroline Nieuwsma Client Manager Leviy

Great! I enjoyed working with her. I have worked with Caroline before. In 2018, we and a team managed the implementation of Leviy at Center Parcs Park Allgäu in southern Germany, so it was nice to see each other again. It is very nice to collaborate with Caroline. She has strong communication skills and is pleasant to deal with. She is straightforward and knows how to tackle challenges. Together we have initiated various phases to ensure that the implementation runs as smoothly as possible.

What is the main advantage?

happy leviy user

Joost Veerman, Manager Accommodation & Front Office Oasis Punt-West Hotel & Beach Resort

Ultimately it is a more efficient and professional way of working. Leviy improves the communication between the reception, maintenance and the cleaning company. And it is a more efficient way of working which benefits the job satisfaction of the employees and will increase the cleaning quality, which has led us to achieve our ultimate goal: happy guests!

Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with us Joost. We wish Joost and team good luck and fun while using Leviy. Keep us posted!


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