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Vebego is taking the next step in optimizing the organization and making it more future-proof.

Strategic partnership with Vebego

Inspiring stories | Vebego
27 May 2019

Vebego is taking the next step in optimizing the organization and making it more future-proof. The company is entering into a strategic partnership with Leviy – an organization that specializes in low-threshold IT solutions in facilities services.

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With the help of Leviy, Vebego is digitizing and simplifying its business processes which, among other things, reduces the administrative burden on managers within the internationally operating family business. As a result, they can focus even more on their employees and customers. Vebego – working in cleaning, facility services and healthcare – successfully implemented Leviy’s services within Hago Zorg, Hago Food & Industry, Westerveld, Care and WVS.

Further digitization is essential for the future

Ton Goedmakers, Member of the Executive Board of Vebego International: “Further digitization within our companies is essential in order to be future-proof as an organization. Our initial experiences have shown that Leviy offers real added value within the facility services sector. Flows of information are faster, more qualitative, more efficient and more transparent. On top of that, it is great to see that such a young company is able to develop so successfully in a market that is considered to be very conservative.”

From startup to international player

Sebastiaan van de Vinne, CEO of Leviy: “We are proud to have the confidence of a reputable family company like Vebego and to work together on an international scale. The covering agreement between our companies fits in perfectly with our ambition. Leviy has grown across national borders over the past two years – with a focus on England, France, Germany and Scandinavia. We are entering a new phase in the partnership where will be able to share our knowledge and experience in new markets. We are extremely driven to make the cooperation with Vebego a great success in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland.”

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