Cleaning Management


LEVIY provides your Cleaning Company with a full service solution for managing all aspects of your cleaning operations, quality management and compliance – as well as contract costs, timesheets and invoicing. Cleaning companies of all shapes and sizes can digitise all Tasks, Forms and Checklists as well as use LEVIY’s cutting-edge Real Time Cleaning functionality to track daily progress across client sites. Using LEVIY’s powerful reporting and analytics, cleaning companies can manage their costs and client relations more efficiently and effectively.


LEVIY provides a host of features specifically for Cleaning Companies accessible via Smartphones and Tablets on the Apple iOS and Google Android platforms. LEVIY is hosted securely in the Cloud and its Management Dashboard and Analytics tools are accessible via any browser.

  • Cleaning Audits & Safety Checks
  • Digital Cleaning Task Management
  • Mobile Issue Logging
  • Custom Online Forms
  • Online Task Planning
  • Document Storage & Management
  • Smart Devices & Internet of Things
  • Data Analytics & Reports
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