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CleverClean: Thé solution to automise your cleaning operations with sensors

With CleverClean we offer the solution for your digital cleaning planning and Cleaning on Demand with suitable sensors.

With CleverClean from Leviy you can optimise your daily services by communicating the cleaning tasks directly with your employees’ mobile app. You can even combine it with smart sensors, so you can respond directly to the use of the building and current events, when needed. Leviy translates the data from these sensors into specific assignments for the employees. If the rooms are used intensively, a suitable task is immediately planned.

Why use CleverClean?

  • Working with Cleverclean provides real grip and control over your project;
  • Working with Cleverclean provides direct insight into performance and possibilities for improvement;
  • Working with Cleverclean provides a lot of data with which real-time reports and analyses can be realised.

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