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Connect employees to a digital platform on your holiday park

Many holiday parks have already made progress in the field of digitisation in recent years. The experience of guests before, during and after their stay has increased by the online tools made available by holiday parks. There is still a lot to be done in the communication between different departments, such as technical services, housekeeping, logistics and reception. But which systems do you need for this? How do they integrate with each other and where do you start?

Long-term work processes

The bottlenecks in facility processes at holiday parks often arise because it can be difficult to quickly switch between different departments. The cleaners and supervisors, for example, work with pen and paper and can only report their tasks at the end of their shift. Technicians often obtain work orders at fixed times or are constantly disturbed by phone calls. As a result, work can remain lying around or cannot be solved in time. The risk is that guests file complaints that could have easily been prevented.

Efficient communication 

Leviy helps to obtain insight into the various facility processes that take place at holiday parks on a daily basis through a single platform. Leviy’s solutions ensure that cleaning tasks can be scheduled easily and quickly and enables employees to immediately tick off their cleaning tasks straight after finishing them. The supervisors can check the cottages sooner and the reception desk is informed immediately so  guests can be checked in. The logistics, technical and green service are informed of new tasks and can start working on these straight away.

The most important part of these processes is the efficient communication between different departments. Due to the hectic nature of the day, a lot of time can be lost and inherent to that tasks may be forgotten. With the use of the Leviy platform, Dashboard & App, there is a lot to gain here. It ensures that departments can work together, creating optimal synergy. Ultimately, this leads to higher customer satisfaction, according to Ilse Lemmerlijn of Center Parcs: “Guests give us better reviews regarding the quality of cleaning and the number of complaints is lower. Because our cleaning teams report issues, our guests stumble upon less issues. Exactly as it should be. We’re now wondering, why did  we not start working like this earlier?”.

Smartphones vs employees

According to Ilse, you don’t have to be afraid for employees who have no experience with a smartphone: “They too understand the system quickly, enjoy working with the smartphone and the tool. In addition, it makes every employee proud. Proud that they are working with a smartphone. This piece of professionalisation starts with them”.

Starting a pilot

Ilse still has a top tip for holiday parks that want to roll out Leviy. “Start with a small pilot. We started a pilot in every park, often with two cleaning teams. In each park there are company-specific things and sometimes processes or tasks run slightly differently. Only after six weeks did we roll out Leviy over an entire park. By taking out the small differences, the live run is much smoother. The last holiday parks to start working with Leviy were much less of a challenge than the first ones, but that doesn’t alter the fact that we start with a pilot at each park. 

Are you, as a holiday park, ready to take a step forward in digitisation by allowing departments to work together more fluently? Take a look at the modules Leviy offers to improve all communication between employees at your park. 

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