Leviy provides an open and modern API interface to enable communication with other systems. Integrations can be realised to serve a multitude of purposes.


We completely understand that you most probably will have existing systems in place to manage and administrate certain processes. Therefore we specialise in integrating Leviy with your existing infrastructure.

We support many different interfaces such as:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP, Project Administration, Contracts)
  • Finance & Payroll (eg. export of executed cleaning tasks, time registration per employee)
  • Rostering (Poule Management, Resource Planning, Employee Scheduling)
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FM & Smart building

At Leviy we are all about collaboration. Not only the collaboration between people but also the interaction and collaboration with technology!

We support many different integrations with software solutions such as:

  • Hospitals: Patient Information Systems (HIS, EHR, EMR, EPD)
  • Infrastructure: Facility Management Systems (FMIS), Service Desks, Issue Tracking and Management
  • SMART Buildings: Occupancy platforms,Calendar Systems, Room Booking / Reservations Systems
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Hotel PMS

Leviy is used in many hotel and leisure housekeeping environments. While it can be used stand-alone, an integration with booking or reservations software, often called Property Management System (PMS) has many advantages.

The real-time communication between the reception and housekeeping departments enables you to follow-up changes and obtain insight in real-time, improving the process and further optimising the end results.

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