Customer feedback

Customer Feedback is an important steering mechanism in various areas of facility management. We can integrate with these solutions so you can quickly resolve issues in real-time.


Trylikes enables anyone to simply provide feedback and valuable input to resolve issues and optimise the experience. A press of a button is communicated and analysed using machine learning algorithms: if needed it will result in an additional (cleaning) task, job rerouting or push notification using our issue tracking functionality.

Button Corporation Ltd. delivered the world’s first connected IoT button. The buttons can be used for various purposes. Pressing the button may lead to a change of a cleaning status, request a cleaner in a meeting room or make an area priority.

Google Forms

With Google Forms a small web-based survey can be put together. It can be shared via a link, QR-code, Beacon or NFC-tag. The input from your employees, guests or visitors can be routed to Leviy to result in a quick follow-up or it can be included in Leviy Analytics for further analysis.


Pisano kiosk channels enable you to collect feedback very easily through kiosks placed in offline locations. All feedback can be routed to Leviy to result in a quick follow-up, signal an issue, plan a cleaning task or data can be included in Leviy Analytics.

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