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Developing and preparing people for the regular cleaning market with Leviy

Pantar, a place where Leviy is used for learning purposes. A social work company in Amsterdam, where people make small and big steps forward in a working environment. A regular company with all kinds of employees where everyone has their unique story. What makes it so unique? And how do you use an app as an evaluation tool? Eric Heijligers, team leader at Pantar, tells about the use of Leviy for employees with a story.

A ‘people development company’

Pantar is a stepping stone to the regular labour market. People who experience difficulty entering the labour market are employed by Pantar after an intake interview. “It is a temporary contract, but that has a legitimate reason. We prepare people in a working environment, so that they can get a (permanent) contract with a regular company. This is also the case in cleaning. We enjoy seeing our trained employees become employed by a regular cleaning company,” Eric says.

Within our ‘Cleaning’ work environment, we work with foremen and cleaners. The role is determined on the basis of the knowledge and skills of an employee.

“We are not a cleaning company, but we are a ‘people development’ company. We help people grow by means of cleaning.”

An evaluation tool to support people’s growth and progression

Pantar works with Leviy in order to guarantee the quality of the cleaning and to let people grow in a certain type of work. “Leviy is a tool with which we can evaluate someone. A perfect match for Pantar, because that is exactly what we do.”  

“We use Leviy to run cleaning audits and to prove to the customer that audits are performed. Employees work at locations where companies deploy Pantar. That is, for example, the municipal city counter Amsterdam Zuidoost, where we are at the moment,” Eric explains. 

“In addition, we can keep track of an employee’s process. We used to carry out the cleaning audit on paper, but at the moment we have digitised everything in the Leviy Dashboard and the App. The foreman and forewoman perform the cleaning audit independently and after a period of time we evaluate the points of improvement together with the cleaner. Cleaners are only confronted with Leviy when something needs improving. Only the foremen and forewomen work with Leviy.” 

“I think it also helps to demonstrate that you are working on the personal growth of your employees,” says Eric. “You can visualise the results and implement them as learning points for the employees. When you see that for instance the desks have not been cleaned properly three times this month, that is something that we can improve on. We instruct the employee and improve his/her work process”, Eric explains.

“We enjoy seeing our trained staff become employed by a regular cleaning company.”


“We also notice that when a task is obligatory, the action is carried out more quickly. When you give an employee more freedom and share the task without obligation, nothing happens. This used to be a problem within the organisation. Now we can schedule the cleaning audit in the Leviy App and approach the employee when it has not been done yet. In this way, we make the colleagues themselves responsible for the quality of their work.

Small steps, big changes

“The implementation of Leviy went well. We did this in small steps. First the management, then the team leaders. Slowly but surely, we added the foremen and forewomen to the process. We still notice that employees find it scary to work with the App. Employees are afraid to make mistakes. They have the fear of ‘doing it wrong’ and are worried that a cleaning audit is not saved. What causes this? Because of the confidence these people do not have yet. It takes a lot more time with us to build up that trust. That is precisely why we give the employees time to grow.”

Eric continues: “For someone in regular cleaning, this process is much faster, but here we also reach the final destination of cleaning’’. The cleaning audits are adjusted to the rhythm of the employees. We are a social work company where there is room for these kinds of processes and Leviy is an ideal tool to work with. With Leviy, you can very well show where the improvement points are per employee.”   

“We will achieve the ‘final destination of cleaning’, working in regular cleaning. But all in good time.”

Talking with Peter – Foreman at Pantar

Peter, a foreman at Pantar, explains how he learns and grows with the help of Leviy. 

Peter: “With Leviy I get a bit of responsibility and I become more and more confident. Of course in combination with my team leader Eric, with whom I evaluate the tasks I have performed. I still find it scary to work with Leviy, but when I have performed a cleaning audit without difficulty, I can’t wait to do the next one.

Peter continued: “I really enjoy getting appreciation for something I have done. I get that from cleaning and Leviy. Visitors enjoy a clean environment and I get feedback that helps me. This takes me a step further in my personal growth process! 

More about Pantar:

Pantar is the largest social work company in the Amsterdam and Diemen region. We believe that everyone has talents to work with. We offer work, guidance, and a lot of attention for personal growth to almost 3000 people who are distanced from the labour market. https://pantar.nl/ 

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