Designing future. Moving towards the future of cleaning services together

The world we live in is changing! Technology is evolving at a rapid pace and buildings are used increasingly more flexible. At the same time, you customers’ requirements are growing more specific and even wider than they were before. The result? Services you provide for every day require more efficiency, quality and commitment. Towards your staff members and your customers. Our state of the art solutions for quality assurance, scheduling, notifying, routing and storing meeting minutes, notifications and documents can make all the difference. We’re here to support you in your continuous endeavor towards efficiency.

Don’t forget to have a look at our industry specific management systems. They help to manage the entire cleaning process for your specific projects such as hotels, holiday parks, factories, hospitals and transport environments.

LEVIY on the web or in an app

The LEVIY dashboard is available on your computer, tablet and smartphone.

Personal checklists

Checklists for DCS inspections and fully customizable personal checklists integrated in the app.

Direct insights in results

All positive or negative variations pop-up directly in easy-to-read graphs.

Save time

Use your time and resources for what else is on your desk, while LEVIY takes care of this fuss.

LEVIY. Easy to implement in your industry as well

  • Automated work and task scheduling

  • Customer, object and task management

  • Real-time inspection management information