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EW Facility: “ICT is a prerequisite for creating hospitality”

One of Leviy’s first partners in the Dutch hotel segment is EW Facility Services. Leviy created several tailor-made solutions for this client and Leviy got its own name within EW Facility Services. With almost 30 years of experience in hotel cleaning and 4.2 million hotel rooms being cleaned every year, EW Facility Services is the market leader in hotel cleaning and hospitality is anchored in its DNA as a core value. Stefan van de Worp, business consultant (IT) at EW Facility Services, says: “For us, ICT is a prerequisite for creating hospitality.”


Stefan van de Worp: “We started working with Leviy about 3.5 years ago. Within EW Facility Services, there was a need to set up a number of processes more efficiently. In order to continue to innovate, it was also important to take steps in the automation process. This also provides us with a lot of data. Using this data, we are able to better understand what we do and what we are good at. That way we can adapt our own business operations again.”

Digital housekeeping

EW Facility Services uses the Leviy Housekeeping module. The first versions of this module were developed in collaboration with EW Facility Services. “For our customers in the hotel industry we work with their reservation system – we are responsible for cleaning the rooms. In the old way of working, the Housekeeping team took paperwork with them, stating which rooms needed to be cleaned. Sometimes it was still unclear whether guests were staying in the rooms because systems were not linked together. The old way of working resulted in a lot of wasted time walking around and communicating. This is now recorded in Leviy and that saves time. As a result, we work more efficiently and the cleaning of rooms goes much more smoothly. The supervisor now has a real-time overview and can easily make switches,” says Stefan van de Worp.

Link with reservation systems

Leviy can be linked to various reservation systems of the hotels where EW Facility Services provides cleaning services. Stefan says: “Using the Housekeeping module, a schedule is created in the morning and sent digitally to the employee’s iPad. This allows employees to see at a glance what needs to be done and in what order. In addition, the supervisor can make adjustments during the day. Employees then see the change directly on their device. The fact that they no longer have to go to see each other physically for this purpose also has a positive effect on the workload – decreasing it”.

Mountains with data

Based on his expertise as a business consultant, Stefan van de Worp sees even more added value in the future in keeping track of the data that comes from Leviy, analyzing it and perhaps combining it with other data sources. Stefan: “We are already looking for the perfect balance between quality and productivity. This makes it possible to focus more and more on your business operations. It’s great!”

Leviy growth spurt

Stefan sees that Leviy has also changed over the years. Stefan continues: “It’s a great young club of people with a lot of ambition. They really want to bring about a change in the market. The solution they offer to the market is very innovative and there is still a lot of growth. They also respond well to what customers ask for. And perhaps they can also offer precisely what others are less good at. They are young, have a start-up mentality and are therefore able to respond quickly to problems in the market. They are currently going through a growth spurt of course – which occasionally brings with it a number of challenges in terms of cooperation. But Leviy is becoming increasingly mature, serving more customers and also growing in size. This is great; that kind of maturity is needed with the phase they’re growing towards now.”

Enthusiasm in the workplace is of great importance

Michiel Hillebrand, operations manager at Leviy, is very pleased with the collaboration between EW Facility Services and Leviy. “The cooperation is great because we both do not choose the side of the customer or supplier. Instead, we visit each other in order to come up with a better product and a better service. We remain in constant dialog to ensure that the product is increasingly in line with the cleaning process of EW Facility Services. It is therefore great to see that employees at the various locations are so enthusiastic about the added value that Leviy offers. It also shows how EW Facility Services appreciates its employees by offering them the means to carry out their work better and more efficiently and perhaps also to make it a little bit more fun!

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