Facility Management

Leviy provides your facility management organisation with an advanced app and dashboard platform to manage all aspects of your daily operations and connect your staff. Improve the performance of facility (cleaning) staff with our audit app for quality management.

Leviy and facility management

A picture, or movie in this case, says more than a thousand words. Take a look at our video for an overview of our facility platform with features and solutions.

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Online dashboard

Facility management companies of all shapes and sizes can digitise their complete daily operations using our features such as Planning, Customised Forms, and Digital Checklists as well as use Leviy’s cutting-edge real-time services functionality to track daily progress across sites.

With the cleaning app and online dashboard you can keep track of daily activity at different locations. Using Leviy’s powerful reporting and analytics, cleaning companies can not only digitise but more importantly, optimise their daily activities directly.

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Mobile audit app

Leviy’s mobile (cleaning) audit app is the tool for your entire team.

All your team members and other connected users have all their information present in one central real-time app. Keep track of daily audits and periodic checks in our quality management platform. Obtain direct insight into daily tasks, planned audits, issues, actual files and historic data.

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Internet of Things

Technological improvements have made it possible to develop and integrate various types of sensors and communication interfaces in a broad range of equipment and devices. Leviy provides an open and modern API interface to enable communication with other systems.

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