Use our Checklists module to create different checklists and provide audits with answers, scores, photos and advice.

Customised checklist

Leviy provides a flexible environment to help shape the checklists (registration lists, questionnaires, etc.) within your organisation.

Within the system you can create custom checklists for the entire organisation as well as, if desired, for each specific customer. This checklist can therefore be provided with categories, subcategories, weightings, numerical definitions and questions at your own discretion.

Directly available in the app

Each checklist will be available on the app immediately after it has been created. In this way you can work very focused and specifically tailored to your organisation.

With our flexible module, you can create a specific short cleaning check, registration list, HACCP, legionella check or satisfaction survey within minutes. All components are fully flexible and can be set up by you. This is also very useful when different processes need to be checked or secured.

Add photos, remarks and signatures

While going through the checks, in addition to the answers and scores, photos, advice and comments can also be made.

All assessments, advice, photos and comments that are made during the check are displayed in the dashboard within seconds after sending.

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With Leviy Analytics, you can easily visualise all the data to ensure that your considerations and decisions are based on the latest available information.

Analyse all kinds of variables to better understand your daily activities. Zoom in on specific customers, locations and even areas of your work. Use our BI tool to receive automatic reports or notifications when certain KPIs have (not) been sent by email. The data is visualised in a customised dashboard.

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“Initially we started performing audits to check the quality of the cleaning. We discovered how easy it was to create our own digital inspections, so in that same season we switched over to having the departing students perform checks as well.”

Marco Peeters , Hotel CASA Amsterdam