Customised Forms

With the customised forms of the Leviy platform you can easily create forms, tailored for each specific situation and process.

Digital forms

Perfect collaboration and a high quality service requires that your organisation is handling internal processes as efficiently as possible.

Many of these processes require a wide variety of forms that need filling out. We love to digitise these for you. Set-up your own digital forms for ordering, training, safety or for example ISO purposes.

Photos, remarks and signatures

Use many different types of fields to completely customise your forms. Add photos, remarks and digital signatures to substantiate your forms.

Use our planning tool to plan forms. Planned forms become available in your mobile app in real-time and users will receive notifications when forms have been executed or are about to expire. Remain updated on progress, status end trends regarding all data collected within your forms through our Analytics environment.

Set your permissions

When creating a form you can set permissions for every type of user. This way your forms are only available for relevant people.

You can decide what type of fields the form consists of and what the resulting PDF should look like. When a user fills in a form in the app, photos can also be added. As soon as a form is submitted, it will become available in the dashboard. Here the form can be downloaded in different formats. The dashboard can convert the data to PDF, txt or zip. If a form is outdated, a new version can be uploaded. Old versions will be archived.

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With Leviy Analytics, you can easily visualise all the data to ensure that your considerations and decisions are based on the latest available information.

Analyse all kinds of variables to better understand your daily activities. Zoom in on specific customers, locations and even areas of your work. Use our BI tool to receive automatic reports or notifications when certain KPIs have (not) been sent by email. The data is visualised in a customised dashboard.

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“We carry out various quality measurements with the help of Leviy’s solutions to evaluate the cleaning. This is done on the basis of an evaluation form and the forms to assess the experience or technical quality. This includes how the cleaning is carried out and whether it is carried out correctly.”

Beate Geene, Aafje Facilitair