File Management

With our app and online dashboard you can manage your files. Our platform enables you to create your own custom files.

Files environment in app and dashboard

We know how important it is to keep all your information well-structured. Excellent collaboration requires your workforce to have all needed information about their work at hand in real-time.

Your files environment will become available both within your online platform and your app in real-time. Now your users have real-time information at hand using Word, PDF, Excel, Powerpoint, Images and even Movies.

Say goodbye to paper

Create your own structure to ensure your employees, clients and other stakeholders know where to manage & find important information. Leviy’s files module allows you to create your own custom files.

Keep all files together with smart version control. New versions will automatically replace older versions. Our bespoke files module will become available in the online dashboard and in your app. So say goodbye to paper, because all files are available in the app for your employees on the work floor.

Easy and quick

With Leviy’s files module you can easily upload & distribute files throughout your organisation. With just a few clicks you can link files to clients, sites or even specific areas of a site.

When an existing file becomes applicable for new clients or sites, it can easily be linked to these. This saves a lot of time and effort when on-boarding new clients and sites. With our fileviewer the most occurring file types can be viewed in the cloud. This reduces the amount of downloads and provides one go-to as a source of truth.

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With Leviy Analytics, you can easily visualise all the data to ensure that your considerations and decisions are based on the latest available information.

Analyse all kinds of variables to better understand your daily activities. Zoom in on specific customers, locations and even areas of your work. Use our BI tool to receive automatic reports or notifications when certain KPIs have (not) been sent by email. The data is visualised in a customised dashboard.

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“By using Leviy, we are focusing on improving the quality of the service that we deliver to our clients. Our employees can work more efficiently and, above all, work better together. This ensures a positive effect in our services and ultimately in a better cleaning result.”

Bart van der Sluijs, ICS Groep