With the Housekeeping module it is possible to manage the daily operations of your* hotel completely digitally. The daily tasks will automatically be sent to Leviy from the PMS. The manager can plan and organise all daily tasks directly online. All departments work together, which ultimately benefits your* entire hotel and even more importantly, the guests experience a smooth service and pleasant service.

Housekeeping communicates in real-time

Once the planning has been made Leviy communicates all tasks to the employees real-time.

Each Room Attendant has a personal to-do list with all the necessary information such as the standard task time, comments, notifications and details. All executed tasks are communicated directly back to the manager and the PMS so that also the Front Office is informed in real-time about the status of the rooms.

Integration with PMS system

Leviy integrates with the PMS which makes all necessary information available in the online dashboard. The housekeeping manager can make the planning within minutes for the room attendants and floor managers.
The housekeeping team has direct insight into the status of rooms, tasks to be performed and open issues. Open tasks can be executed or actions such as DND can be reported.

Room attendant reports issues

An issue can be reported immediately supported by photos and comments when the team discovers any deviations or points of attention. Issues are immediately sent to the right department.

The team has a real-time overview of all issues and receive updates and notifications of new, open and closed issues. When a room attendant has cleaned the room, the status of the room is updated. The floor manager is informed and can immediately inspect the room and, if sufficient, mark the room as done.

The maintenance team can also perform all desired audits and registrations. All audits are directly submitted to the system. The reception desk is kept informed of the status of the rooms in real-time and can immediately see whether the room is ready for the guest and whether all issues have been resolved.
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With Leviy Analytics, you can easily visualise all the data to ensure that your considerations and decisions are based on the latest available information.

Analyse all kinds of variables to better understand your daily activities. Zoom in on specific customers, locations and even areas of your work. Use our BI tool to receive automatic reports or notifications when certain KPIs have (not) been sent by email. The data is visualised in a customised dashboard.

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“Leviy is linked to the Property Management System (PMS), which means that all information is available at the reception desk. Not only has the communication between the hotel and the housekeeping manager been optimised, but also the operational time has been reduced. The housekeeping team has more time for the tasks they are responsible for.”

Maarten van Driel, Gom Hospitality