Use our RQMS module to audit the cleaning quality according to an objective and official calculation method certified in accordance with BS EN 13549:2001. The audit is conducted through random sampling with use of the RQMS App and Dashboard.

Certified audits with RQMS

The Result-oriented Quality Management System (RQMS) is a quality audit method certified in accordance with the BS EN 13549:2001 standard. A quality audit system in which elements are divided into assessment groups per room category and in which the rooms and their elements are randomly assessed for cleaning quality according to prescribed definitions.

With our RQMS App and Dashboard you can obtain a statistics-based audit result of the cleaning of a building. From now on, you will be able to serve your clients with a system fully compliant with the BS EN 13549:2001 standard!

Detailed insights and analyses

With the RQMS App you can easily apply a detailed auditing method. The cleaning quality becomes transparent up to element level, making detailed reporting and analysis possible.

The RQMS gives you exact insight into the quality of the cleaning, providing you an overview of which service points can be improved down to room and element level. Starting from the planning in the Leviy App, you can use the RQMS App to audit and directly view the results via the online Dashboard. The RQMS App is connected to the Leviy App, so that different audits can be combined and you work from one system.

Assessment groups, rooms and elements

When performing an RQMS quality audit, you assess the quality per room. For each audit, the RQMS App shows a clear room list based on an official sample that has been predefined in the system in accordance with the standard. In this way, the auditor can work very focused and objective with the rooms and the elements in them!

Within the RQMS, the various rooms in the building are subdivided into predetermined room categories. The elements of each room category are subdivided into assessment groups on the basis of the work program so that you can use the appropriate quality levels for each group. When performing the audit, the App assesses the number of errors per element and with that the quality level. Any deviations on the elements will be rejected on the basis of three predetermined error types. After the assessment, you can view the results of the RQMS audits per building in the Dashboard and share them with the client. A complete quality audit system in App and Dashboard and based on the BS EN 13549:2001 standard.

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