Time & Attendance

Our platform provides several specific time & attendance solutions using NFC and QR technology.

Real-time insight

Real-time registration of your employee’s presence and real-time information on employees clocking in and out is important for numerous processes of your organisation.

With Leviy all information regarding working hours, employee presence or completed tasks are automatically stored safely and insights can easily be extracted with our Analytics tool.

Mobile time registration

Easily register your employees’ presence by using our mobile app’s NFC functionality or QR-Code scanner.

Create presence rules for objects or spaces and receive notifications if these are not met. All information is automatically logged on location or even room level. Get direct insights through and reports through our Analytics environment. Working hours and tasks can be easily extracted from the system in order to automatically create logs for invoicing and financing.


Our platform provides both manual time & attendance registration as NFC and QR technology.

You can allow your employees to manually register the tasks they executed or you can choose for the even more secure option; NFC or QR. Your employees can simply clock in and out of a location by scanning an NFC chip or QR-code. Scanning the chip allows your employees to register tasks as well as their presence at locations.


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With Leviy Analytics, you can easily visualise all the data to ensure that your considerations and decisions are based on the latest available information.

Analyse all kinds of variables to better understand your daily activities. Zoom in on specific customers, locations and even areas of your work. Use our BI tool to receive automatic reports or notifications when certain KPIs have (not) been sent by email. The data is visualised in a customised dashboard.

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“In the hospital, we use NFCs on beds to keep track of the periodic registrations. As soon as you scan the NFC, you can see exactly how many days you have left to clean the item in the Leviy App. With a single swipe, you have immediate insight into what needs to be done. Next, the status of the bed changes and the cleaner can start working on the task.”

Eric Agterberg, Hago Zorg (AMC Ziekenhuis)