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Gom gives digital innovation an extra boost with Leviy

Cleaning company Gom has taken a new step in the digitization of work processes. The company has concluded an agreement with Leviy – the supplier of the app with the same name, which is popular in the hospitality sector. The aim of the strategic alliance is to improve access to digital information and thereby optimize cleaning processes.


Gom is keen to get innovation in the cleaning process off the ground quickly. Cleaning company Schiedam set up its own Business Development and Innovation department a number of years ago for this very purpose. Better use of the large amount of data available from internal processes is one of the spearheads of innovation policy. Intensifying the relationship with software supplier Leviy fits in with the policy of increasing the digitization of primary processes.

With the Hospitality business unit, Gom has had great experiences with various Leviy modules for a number of years now. New opportunities need to be explored in a strategic partnership. Both companies have therefore agreed to join forces in the field of development.

Data for control information

Bart van Tiggelen, Business Development and Innovation manager: “For Gom, Leviy has much greater potential than the communication platform with all cleaning stakeholders. We see a lot of added value in the use of data from the primary processes for control information. That is why we will work together to develop new business intelligence tools.

More flexible cleaning process

With better use of available data, Gom also wants to achieve a more flexible cleaning process. Bart van Tiggelen: Cleaning according to need will become a real option in the future. If a client currently has slightly less staff, then the aim is to adjust the deployment of our cleaning staff accordingly. The theme cards used by cleaning staff as a tool for their daily work are still static. As you can imagine, we are going to adapt these theme cards to the occupation. Employees will then be offered a varied work program and will no longer do the same work every day.

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