Haubis: Austrian bread culture at a high level

In the past few years we have been rapidly expanding across international borders. You can now even find Leviy being used by companies in Austria. One of which is Haubis, a renowned bread & pastry bakery in Austria. We spoke to Mr. Resch, who is responsible for production management and major technical projects at Haubis. Delivering top quality products is the daily standard for Haubis. What are their experiences with Leviy and how do they value our partnership?
Haubis Backerei

Haubis a well-known name in Austria since 1902

For more than a century, the Haubenberger family has been producing first-class bread and pastries with the utmost care. Since 1902, the Haubis family business has been an important regional employer and is committed to preserving the Austrian bread culture. This is achieved with proven recipes, as much manual work as possible and thoroughly selected ingredients. The secret? Bread made from from 100% Austrian grain and flour. With a total of 900 employees, Haubis mainly supplies Austria, but is also active in Italy, Croatia and other neighbouring countries.


Quality managment

Hannes Resch

Hannes Resch, Production Manager Haubis GmbH

Haubis GmbH was introduced to us by our partner Diversey. Haubis was looking for software that is easy to apply in daily practice and provides insight  into daily cleaning activities in a simple way.  Haubis GmbH uses Leviy to record cleaning tasks to support quality management. “Obviously, we are a company that operates in the food industry. That is why we have to deal with strict rules and regulations on a daily basis. Inspections are therefore carried out with great regularity. It is important to us that everything is properly documented, so that we can continuously measure, monitor and analyse the quality level,” said Mr. Resch.


How have you applied Leviy within Haubis?

“After a number of tests, together with Michiel Hillebrand, COO of Leviy, we found a way in which we were able to digitise the cleaning work program through planning and task registration. Every day Leviy lists the rooms to be cleaned that day. The symbol of a bucket makes this easy and quick to understand. We indicate via labels which actions must be performed (scrubbing the floor, cleaning tables, etc.). The cleaner then records which tasks they have completed. In this way we also gain insight into which tasks have been performed in a certain room over a certain period of time.”

Why does Leviy work for Haubis?

“Because Leviy is easily adaptable and is open for feedback to further improve.  We need to register the cleaning in a simple but secure way and Leviy offers us this. It is very helpful to have all relevant information on your smartphone. The software and service are good. Leviy is a company we can build on. This is very important to us as a renowned family business.”



We are very satisfied with the partnership. The agreements are met and there is clear communication. When we need adjustments, Michiel Hillebrand or a colleague always checks whether these can be applied to the product. This is extremely important to us. Together we determine what the desired result should be and how we can secure this within the Leviy platform.

Leviy Analytics

Now that we have insight into the planning and registrations with Leviy, the next step is to obtain insight into the data and analyse. Leviy Analytics is the ideal tool for this. In the coming period, we want to gain more experience with this module as it provides  direct insight into the registered tasks and the relation to the desired quality level. Leviy Analytics will also help us identify whether we are performing periodic work at the most effective frequencies.


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