Leviy provides your hospital, nursing home or care institution an App and Dashboard to manage all aspects of the daily facility services. Meet the various registration requirements and increase the cleaning quality of the diverse care locations/healthcare locations.

Leviy in a Hospital

A picture, or movie in this case, says more than a thousand words. Take a look at our video for an overview of our to see how Leviy is applied in the healthcare sector: hospital, nursing home or care institution.

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Online Dashboard

The online Dashboard gives you real-time insight into the status of the various departments and rooms within your healthcare environment. Fully transparent insight into the status of patient rooms, ORs and the sanitary facilities. To keep the quality of cleaning high and guarantee the safety of every patient, you can perform daily audits and register the periodic bed cleaning using QR or NFC tags.

Leviy provides the ability to define very specific task descriptions, allowing you to plan, log and track the status and cleaning protocols for each bed or room. The Dashboard can be integrated with the hospital’s planning system, allowing you to start cleaning according to the latest data soon after a patient’s checkout. Our Analytics environment allows you to analyse all data. With this data, it is easier to anticipate when new situations arise in the hospital or healthcare facility.

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Mobile Healthcare App

The Leviy Healthcare App allows all team members to work together. All updates concerning the cleaning of a bed or room are listed by department.

With the Leviy App (periodic) tasks can be registered by means of NFC tags on beds via the Leviy App. After scanning the NFC tag with a mobile device, the required information appears immediately. For each department, the latest available cleaning protocols are in the hands of your workforce at all times. This secures your company’s compliance with the requirements of the Healthcare Inspectorate (IGJ) and the JCI accreditation. Carry out audits using one of our quality management modules, to stay on top of your guarantee for quality. You can even evaluate the customer satisfaction with patients using a customised form or checklist!

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Internet of Things

Technological improvements have made it possible to develop and integrate various types of sensors and communication interfaces in a broad range of equipment and devices. Leviy provides an open and modern API interface to enable communication with other systems.

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