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“Leviy is user-friendly for everyone” | Hotel CASA Amsterdam | Testimonial

We visited one of the trendiest hotels in the Netherlands: Hotel CASA Amsterdam. A hotel with a phenomenal story, where rooms are available for hotel guests but also for students, as accommodation during the school year. At the end of the 1950s, four students founded CASA with the aim of solving the housing shortage among students. This has resulted in a mix of people to this day. Manager Operations Marco Peeters and Jesse van Mossel (Manager on Duty) explain the possibilities that have arisen since they started working with Leviy in 2015.
CASA-Marco-Jesse-leviyJesse van Mossel & Marco Peeters

Tell me, how did you get in touch with Leviy?

Marco: “It was started by CSU, our cleaning partner. Hotel CASA has been based at this location since 2010 and we take care of the cleaning with them. CSU carries out a quality audit once a month and with the Leviy app. I really liked this way of carrying out audits! Even though we have already outsourced the cleaning, we still audit about six to ten rooms a day. We did this first on paper, which was very cumbersome to use. It took a lot of time to retype everything and sometimes losing the papers meant that we didn’t have any useful data available. As a solution for this we were able to use Leviy’s Checklist module on a CSU account. We discovered however that our list contained elements other than the standard checklists that CSU uses for hotels, so we went to see what Leviy had to offer us.”

You became part of the Leviy family! What steps were made and what did Leviy offer you?

“Initially we started performing audits to check the quality of the cleaning. We discovered how easy it was to create our own digital inspections, so in that same season we switched over to having the departing students perform checks as well. As soon as a student leaves, a staff member of CASA has to check the room for both inventory and cleaning. This used to be an enormous amount of paperwork. You have to imagine that 360 students have to fill in five A4’s and that these are kept in folders, a huge amount of administration! This gave us the idea to also digitise these steps with a cleaning and inventory audit. Going through these went so fast! From an export of Leviy we could much more easily analyse data and determine follow-ups for our residents. This also affected all processes within our departments: (financial) administration, maintenance and the facilities team.” 

“I thought it was so time-consuming how we were working with the whole paperwork, that’s why we chose Leviy’s efficiency.” 

 CASA-room-leviyRooms are checked using the Leviy app

“The following year we started to digitise the students’ accommodation. Now when students come to stay with us, they receive log-in codes from Leviy and start registering their own accommodation. If any issues occur , we can solve them immediately. Because students can register this all themselves, we are provided with a lot of valuable, actionable information and besides that we save them and also ourselves a lot of time. At the same time we also started with Leviy’s (technical) Issue Management module. At first we had several systems running next to each other to check and monitor issues, but that didn’t work. In the end we combined everything in Leviy, which works amazingly easy!”

“In June 2018, together with CSU, we started a pilot with Leviy’s Housekeeping module. We found out that it was not the most convenient time of the year, because this is our high season. In October we picked this up again, a better timing! The pilot was successful and up to today the solution still successfully supports the collaboration of Hotel CASA Amsterdam, Leviy and CSU.”

Jesse: “At the moment we are busy filling Leviy with our other’ daily tasks’. For example, in the restaurant many (cleaning) tasks are carried out daily or weekly. It’s challenging to determine who does what and when. This is a final step that we would like to take together with Leviy in order to further optimise the process.”

CASA-reception-leviyThe reception is tastefully decorated for receiving guests

What is CASA Hotel Amsterdam’s favourite module and which one is still in the discovery phase?

Marco: “We once started with only technical issues, but if you now look at how many types of issue types have been added, we can say that we make the most use of the Issue Management functionality. Mail processes are being removed, so this is our favourite module!” 

“What we don’t use enough is Leviy Analytics. This is because we don’t make enough time for it. We have collected a lot of data and with all the possibilities Analytics offers, we can perfectly productivity and quality. We are very satisfied with our employees, the scores achieved are high and the permanent team is very loyal to us. I would like to use the personal training passports from Leviy Analytics, so that we can get even more out of someone’s qualities. But the first thing we have to do is make time!”

How do you experience the usability of the app and the dashboard?

“Various groups of people use Leviy; housed students, the House of Hospitality students who work in the hotel and of course our own cleaning teams and maintenance. It is striking to see how quickly the maintenance department, with people of the average age is 55+, have picked up their daily tasks with the Leviy app. If all different groups of people can use it, it goes without saying that it is very user-friendly.” 

“If all these groups can use it, it goes without saying that it is very user-friendly.”

CASA-reception2-leviyA newspaper is always good

How did the onboarding and implementation process go?

“The setup was done by Leviy before we started working with the product, which was very nice. Leviy came to us to explain and structure everything. The basics were explained through short training sessions and the employees learned a lot ‘on the job’. Last January we switched to a new PMS system: MEWS. The support we received from Leviy’s client manager Caroline throughout the implementation of this integration was very professional!”

What do you see happening in the field of innovations for hotels?

“Digitisation is increasing in all facets of a hotel. In our rooms and public areas, such as toilets, we can use sensors to measure presence frequencies. This can even be applied in housekeeping, because the data can tell you whether or not a guest is present in a room and whether or not the cleaning can be carried out. At the end of this year there are plans to renovate our rooms, where we can possibly apply these kinds of technologies too!”

CASA-restaurant-leviyYou want to eat all the cupcakes in the restaurant!

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