Internet of Things

Technological improvements have made it possible to develop and integrate various types of sensors and communication interfaces in a broad range of equipment and devices.

Smart washrooms

Connect your dispensers to our platform in real-time.

Our platform let’s you connect and interact all smart dispensers and smart washroom accessories with your operational teams. Issues or tasks are signaled automatically to the team as soon as the dispenser is calling out for help.

Density Sensors

Intergrate density sensors to our platform to report usage and optimize needed services.

We let you integrate all sorts of smart sensors and smart building software to our platform to report on usage and occupancy and optimize your daily services.

Digital displays

Show your work and progress on interactive displays in real-time.

Say goodbye to the unclear and messy paper attendance sheets. Say hello to real-time integrated taskplanning and progress by integrating our platform on digital displays.

Identify & track

To executed their tasks successfully facility management and cleaning companies utilizes machines, consumables and materials.

Similarly, the client has its own assets. To ease the communication and identification of any item we have experimented with various technologies. From this, geolocalization, QR and NFC have made it to our platform.

Robotic cleaners

Let your robotic cleaners communicate directly with the team through our app.

Whether your robot needs assistance, is ready for a new task or is done cleaning. Connecting it to our platform let’s the robot communicate with your team in real-time.

Voice assistants

Use voice assistants to instantly signal issues or task.

Connect innovationos like Google…. or Amazon Alexa to our platform and signal issues or tasks instantly to the team.


Leviy provides an open and modern API interface to enable communication with other systems. Integrations can be realised to serve a multitude of purposes.

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