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KU Leuven saves hundreds of hours of work by using Leviy

The inspection of a student room at the end of an academic year exposes some interesting situations. The window cannot be closed, the cupboard door no longer shuts or the showerhead consists of only three jets of water. The search for lists and defects in a particular room is a time-consuming task. With the entry of the new Flemish Housing Rental Decree, KU Leuven is obliged to draw up a detailed description of the state of the room together with the student. This task should be carried out for every new student who rents a room. Since KU Leuven’s student housing consists of some 3,500 housing units, the rent of which starts in the same weekend, this is an impossible task. How was the University of Leuven, with so many student housing units, able to manage such a comprehensive administration? Together with Leviy and Alpheios, KU Leuven started using the Checklists module to digitise their student housing documentation.
One of KU Leuven’s student residences, Bakeleyn.

Student accommodation KU Leuven

KU Leuven offers student housing in and around Leuven. Different types of rooms, such as a ‘kot’, a studio and an apartment, are managed by the Residence Management department,” say Els Bruyninckx and Marijke Creces, Group Responsible for Residence Management at KU Leuven. A student can rent one of these rooms for a certain period of time via KU Leuven.

As soon as a student starts renting a room, an inventory of the room is set up. Both parties do an inspection of the room’s contents and its condition. As soon as the student leaves the room or studio, a check is done to see whether anything has been damaged or if there are any defects.

Paper administration

Previously, students would write down the details on paper which was kept in folders. Each room, studio or apartment had its own documentation of the inventory. All the household goods, such as the bedside table, table or cabinet, were documented. When students received the keys, they were provided with a paper form to take inventory. The students did not always hand this in, which created a gap in the administration. Once the end of the rental period was in sight, it was sometimes impossible to retrieve all the data. 

Beautiful locations with rooms for rent such as the Rijschool.

Flemish Housing Rental Decree

Because of the new Flemish Housing Rental Decree, the need to manage this process differently grew. As of the 1st of January 2019, tenants are accompanied by an employee from KU Leuven in order to assess the room, studio or apartment before moving in. The tenants also have to place their signature after the inventory has been taken. To make these processes as efficient as possible, KU Leuven has started using Leviy’s digital Checklists,” explains Annik Vercammen, Business Consultant at Alpheios

Checklists Module
Els: “Together with Alpheios and Leviy, KU Leuven ensures that both the ‘start’ and ‘end’ inspections are registered digitally. The 3500 rooms in and around Leuven are provided with an inventory and roomlist. A standard list of rooms, studios and apartments is drawn up per room type. These are then linked to the specific room.” “The signature and data are automatically stored in Leviy’s Dashboard. By digitising the initial inspection and final inspection, there is no discussion about any defects at the end of an academic year. The damage must be refunded upon departure and the technical department is informed if any defects have been found”, explains Marijke. 

“To make those processes as efficient as possible, KU Leuven started using a digital Checklists”

A typical student room in Leuven.

Generating data

Annik: “By digitising this process with Leviy data can be generated a lot quicker and easier. Through the collected data, it is for example, very easy to find out how many cabinets have been damaged in one academic year. With these insights KU Leuven can better organise their maintenance. We can prepare the technical department for new work such as repairs or renewed paintwork.”  

“I was amazed how everybody was on the same page when we just started with Leviy”

Saving time at a peak time 

There are two peak moments in the residence management department: these are days when students leave or come to rent rooms at the beginning/end of an academic year. A lot of time has been saved recently. The inventory per room type is available and is saved immediately when the checklist is filled out. Marijke: “Working with the Leviy App on the work floor is easy and fast.” “In addition, after completing a room you can immediately download a PDF, on which you can see a summary of the checklist” ends Els. 

Leviy and Alpheios (Annik) wish Els and Marijke good luck with the next 3500 inventory checklists! 

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