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Let’s ride that wave together! | Leviy

We believe in a better world, a better world for Cleaning & FM. A world of perfect synergy. Perfect synergy between people & technology. A better world we strive for every day by working like a wave. We have an impact. We bring energy. We will drive you. We can be intimidating because change can be intimidating. We connect people like the oceans connect the land. We strive for transparency like a clear blue ocean. We are fun! Like playing in the waves is fun.

We are the leading software for Cleaning & FM. 

We are Facilitators of Synergy. 

We are Leviy.

Meaning Leviy

Acting like a wave

We work and act like a wave.
We make an impact like waves do, we bring energy like waves do, we are a driving force like a surfer is driven by a wave, we bring synergy like the tide acts in perfect synergy, we are transparent like the clearest ocean, we connect countries and islands into one unified whole, we are fun like waves can be fun and sometimes we are intimidating and exciting because changing to digital can be exciting but at the same time, also a little intimidating.

Together we make an impact
Every day we challenge ourselves and the market. As a team we explore possibilities. We try, test, iterate and implement. We seek collaboration, because we believe we can  make a bigger difference together! 

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Leviy video
Leviy video: perfect synergy between people and technology

Meaning Leviy

The name Levi is a Hebrew boy name. It means ‘Joined’ or ‘Coiler’, the meaning of which ‘Joined’ (connected) is preferred. In ancient time the Levites, living in the country/region we now call Israel, were people who promoted social cohesion. The Levites had no land of their own but were dispersed among the different tribes infusing all of them equally with the same religious expressions and beliefs. Hereby forging unified national identity. In other words…the Levites connected the different tribes and made them more cohesive. 

At Leviy it is our mission and belief to unify the cleaning and FM market. To connect all the different stakeholders as if they were the tribes. We bring cohesion and synergy!

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