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Leviy and BLIS partner up for RQMS App

July, 2020

Leviy has started a strategic partnership with BLIS Digital for the development of a unique RQMS App. Due to the rapid international growth of Leviy in Europe, there are more and more wishes and demands regarding the Leviy Platform. Especially in Scandinavia and the DACH countries there is a strong growing demand for audit tools that are certified according to the EN 13549 standard. In order to guarantee maximum speed and effectiveness Leviy has chosen to develop this new module together with a partner. BLIS’s knowledge and experience that BLIS in developing similar software makes them a perfect partner.

BLIS-leviy-er-kmsThe new RQMS app will be part of the Leviy Platform.

EN 13549

Despite the fact that many are probably familiar with the standard, here’s a quick introduction.The EN 13549 describes the basic principles of an audit method (i.e. not only the software, but the entire system) that guarantees an objective cleaning audit. In the Netherlands the VSR-KMS is a variant of this standard. In Europe, for example, there are many other variations that are essentially very similar, but make the final system and the supported software their own. Leviy and BLIS have chosen to develop their own, innovative variant that is in line with the current existing working methods for all countries. This makes the app unique and also extremely scalable.

The foundation of the system is not exceptionally different from, for example, a VSR-KMS. We also work with roomlists, room categories, clearly defined levels of quality and assessment groups, sampling and set criteria. However, by developing it within a much larger system like Leviy, unique possibilities and opportunities arise. The new app can be purchased separately, but can also be used as part of a much larger system. This creates wonderful new opportunities throughout Europe!


We spoke to Martijn Dragt, account manager at BLIS Digital and asked him why they had become a partner: “We partnered with Leviy because BLIS Digital has a lot of technical knowledge of similar products. Previously, we were concerned with the specifications of the ER-KMS system. In addition, we know what we need to look into, from legislation to complex calculation methods. Leviy and BLIS Digital are both doing a part of the development of the new app.” “Leviy is noticing more and more demand from the market and aims to supply this demand with an extra app as an extension of the Leviy platform. A (cleaning) company will soon be able to comply with the regulations of the EN 13549 standard and monitor its specifications.” explains Martijn. 

Leviy Platform

“About two years ago we chose to further develop our system on the basis of a microservice structure. We are building larger new solutions as small micro solutions on the original Leviy platform. On this structure BLIS can now also perfectly build a completely new solution and make it available quite easily. So there will be a new app, which will be an extension of the existing Leviy app” adds Sebastiaan van der Vinne. Martijn: “The module will have the same style as the Leviy platform. This ensures the same user experience when a user switches between the two apps.”

Development app

“We are currently busy developing the app and have already done a few demos. The teams enjoy working together on a technical level, this is because we work with the same techniques and systems.

About BLIS Digital

Blis is a software agency for digital innovation and data-driven services with fifteen years of experience. The specialised teams build and manage tailor-made digital solutions: future-proof customer experiences, smart software, apps and data-driven services.

About Leviy

Leviy provides quality management, communication and planning software, for facilities management, housekeeping and commercial cleaning services to digitise, optimise and innovate. Cost savings, trust and transparency are realised through real-time communication, planning, work schedules, analytics and reporting about room status, all within Leviy. Leviy helps clients to get ahead of the trends and to recognise significant efficiencies and cost savings.

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