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Leviy & Haltian provide unique CleverClean solution

November, 2020. Leviy, the leading SaaS platform for cleaning and Haltian, award-winning IOT company, partner up in providing the global cleaning market with a unique and all-in smart cleaning solution. 

Leviy’s SaaS solution consists of an extensive set of functionalities all made available in one mobile app. Cleaning companies of all shapes and sizes can digitise their complete daily operations using our features such as digital audits, certified DIN 13549 audits, task planning, ticketing, file management, customised forms and time & attendance.

Besides servicing the markets with these existing functionalities Leviy remains an innovator as well. By adding specific new functionality to the existing platform Leviy now has a unique solution for a rapidly increasing demand from the market: sensor-based cleaning. To be able to deliver the highest quality possible an extensive process of sensor and software evaluation was gone through resulting in a clear decision for global partner Haltian. After several proof of concepts the sensors of Haltian prove to be the right partner for further global expansion.

“From the initial sensor set-up to direct API integration on our platform, the pilots with Haltian have shown us great potential and high quality” says Sebastiaan van der Vinne – CEO of Leviy

Leviy will use the data gathered from Haltian’s Thingsee sensors to determine whether specific office spaces or individual rooms have been used or not. There is also logic determining if the usage was intense or light. Based on this data Leviy will automatically plan the fitting cleaning tasks.

“We have worked out several use cases. From projects where cleaning is fully run only based on sensor data to projects where cleaning is executed based on a very light/minimal program but sensor data can trigger more intensive tasks. There is even the possibility of working on a hybrid version where basic rooms are cleaned the normal way but high priority areas such as toilets are cleaned based on actual use” said Sebastiaan.

CleverClean by Leviy is implemented on multiple projects internationally and is ready for your cleaning project too!


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