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Leviy offers hospitals, care homes or nursing homes an app and dashboard to manage all aspects of daily facility management. Meet registration requirements and increase the cleaning quality of your care sites.

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Leviy & hospitals

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How does Leviy improve care home facility management?

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Leviy works with different modules. Check out the different modules below and determine which module suits your organisation.

Daily control system based on NEN 2025 standards and European EN 13549.
Final cleaning inspection conducted in accordance with the NEN-EN 13459 standard, ensuring certified quality measurement.
Leviy develops bespoke digital forms such as order forms, work tickets, additional work forms, and damage forms, including PDF reporting.
Leviy develops customised digital forms such as order forms, work orders, extra work forms and claim forms, including PDF reporting.
Manage work programmes, work instructions, protocols and safety sheets in the dashboard and make them visible to employees on the workfloor.
Leviy digitises daily cleaning tasks and work schedules. This creates real-time insight into cleaning progress.
Periodic cleaning tasks
Schedule and record periodic cleaning tasks in Leviy.
Report different types of issues, supported with remarks and photos, on your mobile device. After the issue has been submitted you can monitor the status and the progress
Time tracking
Register the arrival and departure of employees. Time registration can be done by scanning NFC tags or QR codes using the Leviy app.
Detailed insights, reports and analytics with the integrated Leviy Bi-Tool.
Integrate sensors to communicate automated cleaning tasks to cleaners based on measured activity in area’s .For example, for washrooms or meeting rooms.
Leviy integrates with your current systems based on EMR, HL7 or other Facility Management Systems for optimal synergy.

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Leviy already has many clients in the healthcare sector. Are you also curious to know how different healthcare organisations work with Leviy? Read their experiences here.

Amsterdam UMC

Eric Agterberg, Site Manager Amsterdam UMC “At the hospital, we use NFCs on beds to keep track of periodic registrations.”

Aafje Facilitair

Aafje Facility Manager Beate Geene: “Why create something new when Leviy (app and dashboard) has already proven itself and works so well.”

Beweging 3.0

Thijs Sluiter, Team Leader Beweging 3.0: “I want to be able to see at a glance how things are going, and that is very easy with Leviy.”


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I can guide you step-by-step through the digitisation process on the workfloor. Digitising healthcare is not something that can be achieved overnight, and every healthcare organisation is different. Based on our experience, we would like to help you think about the best way to guide your organisation through this process.

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