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Leviy & Schoonster – Tango | Time saving and overview everywhere

What if you are not able to tell the client if everything is finished and are constantly getting calls asking questions about the real-time status of tasks? Since using Leviy, Schoonster is able to inform clients, in this case Tango, about all the work that has been done. We started talking to Michael Romijn (Q8-Tango), Rob Burgmeijer (Schoonster) & Bouke van der Veen (Leviy) about the collaboration. A special aspect of this collaboration is that Schoonster not only registers cleaning tasks, but also keeps track of Tango's marketing activities in the Leviy app. An employee of Schoonster executes his/her tasks and adds pictures of the completed task in the app. These are photos of, for example, billboards or cleaned petrol stations. Tango can then follow whether the marketing attributes have been placed and/or used correctly in real-time. This way Tango is ensured that discount actions or other communication are shown correctly and there is no need to drive past every filling station to check this. This proves that Leviy can be used in many ways.

Leviy & Schoonster talking to each other

Watch the video to see how Leviy, Schoonster and Tango (Q8) work together. 

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