Facilitators of Synergy

We are of strategic value to our clients and partners who believe that our software will help them to achieve their mission and support their vision.

Acting like a wave

We work and act like a wave.

We make impact like waves do, we bring energy like waves do, we are a driving force like a surfer is driven by a wave, we bring synergy like the tide acts in perfect synergy, we are transparent like the clearest ocean, we connect countries and islands into one unified whole, we are fun like waves can be fun and sometimes we are intimidating and exciting because changing to digital can be intimidating.

Better world

We believe in and facilitate a better world where people and smart technologies interact.

A world where information is provided and shared between users, teams and management for optimal collaboration and insights. A world where we will guide our clients to the next level of interaction.


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Together we make an impact

Every day we are challenging ourselves and the market. As a team we explore possibilities. We try, test and implement. We think and act.

Because together we want to make a difference! We use our ever-improving agile mindset to create the most value to our clients.

We challenge you

We are a young and motivated team of challengers destined to make an impact. To bring change and improvement to the cleaning and FM industry by developing smart and unique software.

Meet the Leviyanen