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Sebastiaan van der Vinne is leaving Leviy

After almost 9 years Sebastiaan van der Vinne has decided to leave Leviy. He founded the company in January 2014 together with his business partner Bart van Velden and they have developed it from a small app initiative to a thriving company of currently 19 individuals that is well-known on the cleaning side. Leviy joined the zvoove Group, the market-leading provider of digitalization solutions for temporary staffing and cleaning service providers in Europe in 2021 where it is now an integral part of the product portfolio in the Netherlands, Germany and many more European markets.

The past 9 years with Leviy have been the story of a boys book. Together with Bart, Michiel and the team I have seen the most beautiful highs and challenging lows”, says Sebastiaan. “I have had the opportunity to see the world and work with the most gifted people I can think of. As an entrepeneur at heart Leviy has given me the opportunity to develop a team, a company, a product and most of all myself. I couldn’t have wished for more. The coming phase of the Leviy book requires different skills and talents to mine and it is therefore that I hand over the baton to the people I trust will bring Leviy to the next level. I wish to thank all my (ex) team members and business partners from the bottom of my heart for the trust over the last decade. Hopefully we see each other soon!”

Sebastiaan was gradually removing himself from the spotlight over the past year and slowly handed over the management of Leviy to Bart van Velden (CTO) and Michiel Hillebrand (COO) where they are supported and backed by the Management Team of zvoove Group.

Both Bart and Michiel are sorry to see Sebastiaan leave but at the same time are very excited about the opportunities that lay ahead for Leviy.

Though Sebastiaan may have stepped away, his contributions have helped lay the foundation for us to continue realizing our vision. The impact he had will forever endure, and I’m happy to continue the quest with our full team”, says Bart.

Michiel continues: “I am not a founder of Leviy, but Bart and Sebastiaan have always made me feel that we share and realise a mission together. Therefore, I see the trust Sebastiaan gives me and Bart by letting us take the company into the next phase as a wonderful compliment and sign of confidence. The team of Leviy in combination with zvoove group will, together with our customers and partners, experience great developments within the cleaning industry in the coming years, I am convinced of that and I am fully committed to it.


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