Senior Software Engineer (PHP)

Interested to work on a SaaS product?We are looking for an experienced and driven software engineer with extensive experience in PHP (5+ years)? Do not hesitate longer. Contact us!

If you are interested, please contact our colleague Viktor. Click here!

More about you

You are an experienced and driven software engineer with extensive experience in PHP (5+ years) and with that you are also able to come up with qualitative and maintainable solutions together with the team, in part by using design patterns and SOLID principles. These solutions comply with generally accepted best practices and are verified by automated tests. You are familiar with modern developments such as microservices, docker and domain driven design, but you are also not afraid to dive into the past with the thorough refactoring of legacy code.

Keywords: Microservices, SOLID, Design patterns, Automated tests, Domain driven design, Docker, Symfony

More about the offer

In addition to being able to call yourself a real Leviyaan and become part of a very pleasant and competent development team that continues to develop itself and continuously raise the bar for each other, there are of course other important things:

  • Part-time or full-time employment
  • Competitive salary
  • Travel allowance
  • 26 vacation days
  • Lunch provided by the company
  • Possibility to work from home
  • Awesome company and team activities (snowworld, beach day, dinners, etc.)
  • Attending conferences
  • Once every 2 weeks an afternoon to develop yourself
  • Friday drinks and “Games Friday”

More about us

Leviy has been developing a SaaS product since 2014, consisting of a web application and a hybrid app, which focuses on facility management and cleaning. We are now a major player in the Dutch market and many great customers such as AMC, Center Parcs, Landal, Van der Valk and Vebego use our product and we are expanding in other European countries (Belgium, France, Germany).

This involves various challenges such as improving, expanding and standardizing our product, which makes scaling up faster and easier in the future.

Leviy now consists of 20 professional, but also pleasant employees who are passionately committed to our customers. The development team consists of: 6 software engineers, 1 user experience designer and 1 product owner.

Within the development team, new developments are devised and implemented both jointly and individually. We follow the Kanban methodology, which means task priority is set by the product owner and developers pick up the next task in line. We are constantly in consultation with each other about things that could be improved and it is not uncommon to be pair programming with a colleague. There are also (automatic) processes for giving and obtaining feedback on written code.

In addition to further development of the software, we also find it important to continue to modernize the software and our processes and input is greatly appreciated.