Dear cleaning hero,

It’s a challenging time for everyone. The impact of the coronavirus is huge. Our focus is on supporting the work in your organisation at the moment. Perhaps we can help you with a selection of issues and make impactful changes in the short term. 

Fast communication with all employees

Do you find it difficult to communicate important information directly throughout the organisation and on the work floor? Messages containing information about new (corona) measures relating to employees’ activities can easily be shared with our new ‘Messages feature’. 

  • Use our ‘Messages feature‘: a message button with which short informative messages can be shared with users. Wondering how this works? Click on this link.
  • Especially for this time we offer this functionality for free!
  • Tip: You can of course also use it to boost your employees!

Sharing enhanced protocols, instructions and safety datasheets

We understand that new safety protocols are currently being devised and commissioned. It is extremely important to make these available so that a safe and clean environment can be guaranteed with this essential information.

  • Use our Files module: an online and mobile files environment in which real-time information about Corona measures, such as enhanced protocols and safety data sheets, are shared with employees and customers. It is also possible to upload instructional videos. 

Provide insight into quality

Your employees execute their work independently. But direct information about the progress of a location is not available at all times. Do you want to monitor executed protocols, follow processes closely and make quality transparent? 

Use our Checklists module: an online environment where all desired digital checklists can be set up. 

Ensuring points of attention and security incidents

Questions may arise during the work, there are technical problems or, especially in this day and age, problems with additional work associated with safety issues. As a manager, you want to be able to take immediate action on the questions and situations of employees on the work floor. 

  • Process this data in the Issue module: with which employees can immediately report points of attention, questions, uncertainties or safety incidents, both via the dashboard and the mobile app.

Register activities

Do you want a better overview of all the work being done? Especially in these hectic times when it is important to know what is going on on the work floor, Leviy can provide insight into this. 

  • Use our Task planning module: this allows you to register tasks performed quickly and easily. This helps to provide insight into all the work that is being carried out. 

If we can help you with one of these solutions, please consult the support page or contact the client manager.