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What’s special about Aafje Facilitair: Measuring cleaning quality in Leviy together with residents of nursing homes

Five years ago Aafje Facilitair started using Leviy in domestic care, nursing homes and care hotels. An anniversary worth celebrating! Leviy visited Aafje and asked about the method of cleaning in the care. Is this very different from regular cleaning or is there not much difference? We talked to Beate Geene and Kaylee Geene about this and asked about the possibilities of Leviy in care environments.

Aafje facilitair and leviy

“Right now I’m responsible for Aafje Facilitair. This means that I remotely monitor all of Aafje’s facility activities in care homes and care hotels” says Beate. “In addition, we also have private clients and other companies where we provide our facility services, such as office complexes and health centers. Our regional managers and foremen work with the Leviy platform and conduct audits. We have set up our own quality system and use the ISO format as an example. This way we can measure certain qualities, which we can share with our clients”. Kaylee: “This allows me to see and hear what’s going on at locations. I measure quality using the DKS solution in Leviy and carry out internal audits”. 

In addition, Aafje Facilitair makes use of the ‘Files’ module, which includes protocols. The ‘Forms’ module is supplemented with new questionnaires for internal audits and forms for payroll complaints. This is shared with the employees via the Leviy app. All data is bundled and included in the Leviy Analytics environment. In this environment, dashboards and reports are created, so that results are clearly visible. 

Difference between regular cleaning and care 

For a quality system there is no difference between regular cleaning or cleaning in the care. “We carry out our own protocols at the various care locations”, Beate says. “You can also use Leviy in other environments. This is made possible with customisably audits and forms” adds Kaylee. “For a DKS, you can enter the location and add specific elements depending on the room category. You can see this very clearly in the names of different nursing homes, with one it’s called a living room and with the other it’s a nursing room,” says Kaylee. “We have set up a specific DKS for each type of home. For example, we have an DKS for nursing and care homes, an DKS specifically for care hotels and an DKS for non care-related companies,” says Beate. The cleaning in the care is similar to hospital cleaning. The difference is in the type of residents and their own belongings that are in their rooms. Elements such as accessories and bathroom items are also included in the cleaning. 

Beate: “In addition, our employees are specially trained for cleaning care institutions and care hotels. This way, we ensure that quality comes first and that the right actions are carried out”.

“For the use of this quality system there is no difference between regular cleaning or care cleaning, you can use Leviy in different environments.”

Quality measurement and Residents’ evaluation 

Beate: “We carry out various quality measurements with the help of Leviy’s solutions, such as the DKS and forms, to evaluate the cleaning. This is done on the basis of an evaluation form and the forms to assess the experience or technical quality. This includes how the cleaning is carried out and whether it is carried out correctly”. 

“This is what we agreed with Stichting Aafje. Stichting Aafje is our contracting partner for the cleaning of the nursing and care homes and the care hotels. We want to guarantee our quality and share this with the client(s), so they are aware of the results. In the beginning this was done using notepads with sheets, but now we do this digitally with Leviy”, says Beate. 

A big difference between a regular cleaning company and Aafje Facilitair is the Residents Evaluation Form. “With this form we measure the customer satisfaction of the residents and guests themselves,” says Beate. “The evaluation is completed by means of an interview with the resident in the room. They are asked whether the resident likes how the cleaning is carried out and also whether the facility employee treats the resident nicely. We determine the amount of interviewed residents are questioned, so that the results are representative for each home”.

Kaylee: “We also undergo internal audits that are carried out with employees. These also include questions related to cleaning in nursing and care homes”.

“With this form we measure the customer satisfaction of the residents and guests.”

aafje facilitair quality control leviy phone

Leviy in nursing homes and care hotels

“We use Leviy because it’s very user-friendly. It’s very easy to check the rooms with a smartphone and add comments in case of inaccuracies. Besides that you can share the results with those involved who need to have insight into the progress of the cleaning,” Kaylee says. “With Leviy Analytics we analyse the data and make reports based on elements we would like to see. Since using the Forms module, the correct versions are always filled in. Previously, this was done via e-mail and the risk with this was that the old forms were still being used. All paper folders have been discarded and put into Leviy’s digital environment.”

Laundry service for nursing homes 

In addition to cleaning, Aafje Facilitair also has its own laundry service for personal laundry from nursing homes. “It all started with one washing machine and a dryer”, begins Beate. “We did the laundry for a number of residents. The Aafje Foundation asked us if we wanted to do the laundry for the residents. We did this as a pilot for one care home and we liked it so much that two other homes were added. At a certain point we were asked if we could do the personal laundry for the whole foundation. Since then, we have been washing for sixteen homes and providing clean industrial clothing for care hotels. We had to set up the laundry from start to finish. At the moment we have nine washing machines, four dryers and a number of ironing systems. We wash almost 5,000 kilos of laundry per week. 

“It started with one washing machine and now we’re washing almost 5,000 kilos a week.”

wasserette wasmachine aafje facilitair leviy

Leviy and the future

Since the use of Leviy, we have direct insight and we go through the DKS per location more easily. Previously, we analysed manually, which meant that we lost a lot of time. We now do digitally, which creates more space for other activities. Our goal is to make even more decisions based on the data we now receive. This way we can guide cleaning staff so that fewer mistakes are made. 

Leviy also offers us extra value through visits from the client manager every six months. During these visits we discuss the progress and where there are opportunities for Aafje Facilitair with the use of (new) solutions. We are kept well informed through newsletters and discussions about new updates. This gives us the feeling that they care about helping us, so that we can take advantage of new opportunities. 

For the near future, Aafje Facilitair will continue to focus on facility services in healthcare and laundry. We are always open to new locations and private customers where we can apply Leviy. 

wasserette aafje facilitair clothes

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