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Sustainable and innovative cooperation with ICS Groep

What do our clients think of Leviy? What do they use it for? And what are the experiences? We visited Manutan, the best-known supplier of office, warehouse, workshop and outdoor items in the Netherlands. Cleaning company ICS Groep takes care of the cleaning at this location. We spoke to Cock van Wijnbergen from Manutan and Hakan Akkar and Romy Waterman from ICS Groep and to learn about their experiences.

Groepsfoto samen met Hakan Akkar, Cock van Wijnbergen en Romy Waterman

Left to right: Hakan Akkar, Cock van Wijnbergen & Romy Waterman

Focus on quality

Hakan, Regional Manager at ICS Groep, speaks enthusiastically about his tasks at Manutan. “I’m responsible for quality. If that isn’t sufficient, I have to make adjustments where necessary. I supervise my foremen and make sure that the equipment is present so that everyone can carry out their work properly. In order to make the work easier and more enjoyable, we use various Leviy modules. We make use of the DKS module, Checklists module, for customised reports to measure the experience and quality, the Issues module, the File Management module and Time & Attendance with NFC tags. In the Leviy app, you can make a notification and add a photo that is immediately visible in the Dashboard. A great solution!”

Via the Leviy Dashboard, Hakan can see exactly which part or object scores less high. This is what he focuses on. “It’s also my job to guide site managers and give them re-instructions if necessary.”

In the Leviy app, you can make a notification and add a photo that is immediately visible in the Dashboard. A great solution!”

Overview at a glance

Romy, project manager for Leviy at ICS adds: “With Leviy, we do not only have a digital logbook at hand, but we can also inform the customer more precisely about quality. With data in one real-time overview, you can address issues and make adjustments directly. In Leviy Analytics I keep track of insights and make analyses, which I present to our customers and employees.”

“Besides its professional appearance, I think Leviy is very user-friendly too. In the Leviy Dashboard, you can set up the environment of an object according to what you desire. In addition, Leviy is open to feedback and we regularly participate in their research. I often sit with Emily Hortulanus, UX Designer at Leviy, to translate our practical knowledge of cleaning into Leviy’s modules.”

Romy also talks about the hiring process that she digitised together with Robina de Jong, customer manager at Leviy. “All employment contracts are processed in Leviy, so we no longer have a mountain of paperwork. The same data is copied into the forms that new employees have to fill in”. Effortless and very sustainable!

Leviy in de praktijk op de werkvloer bij Manutan

Leviy in practice on the workfloor at Manutan

Confident about the future

“Since using Leviy, we can view reports in real time”, Cock van Wijnbergen says. Cock is a Jack of all trades and indispensable at Manutan. He is responsible for 5 departments: from the ICT facilities department to Warehouse management back office and field service. Things that don’t go according to plan can be improved. The collaboration between ICS Group and Manutan was not always flawless. Cock: “As a client, we want to be taken care of and see quality in our rooms. Before we noticed that this was not the case. With the arrival of Hakan six months ago, this has been turned around completely. Not only has his management improved the quality through the correct deployment of Leviy, the trust in the future between ICS Groep and Manutan has also increased by 100%. With this new partnership, we will optimise where necessary. This also means that ICS Groep adapts when newly purchased products have been installed or renovations have been carried out on the premises. We are extremely enthusiastic about this”.

“Since using Leviy, we can view reports in real time”

ICS Groep looks back on this positively, Romy: “This shows that our goal is to deliver the best quality and to adapt where necessary. Even when the process is not running as desired, we will strive to deliver the best cleaning result for our customers.”

Cock van Wijnbergen en Hakan Akkar

A great collaboration between Manutan and ICS Groep

Leviy & ICS Groep

ICS Groep started using Leviy at the end of 2014. ICS Groep has started digitising the DKS audits and upgraded their package over the years. Since the use of the Leviy Dashboard and app, the lead time of daily work has been greatly reduced. Leviy provides direct insights and information can be given back to the work floor. Area managers can audit the quality more efficiently which results in a higher quality of cleaning.

Numbers ICS Group

The infographic below is a visual representation of the data ranging from 2015 until the end of 2019. ICS Groep’s most used Leviy modules are the Checklist, Forms and DKS solutions. Leviy has helped them serve 335 clients. In this period (‘15-’19) 14,270 quality reports have been conducted and on average the cleaning quality was scored 8,2 out of 10. From the 14,720 executed quality reports 97% scored sufficient. Besides this there has been a strong decline of the amount perceived cleaning errors according to the DKS audits. These have decreased by about 30% a year, a significant improvement. With the introduction of digital employment contracts through Leviy the amount of submitted forms has also increased significantly. In 2019 we filed 784 forms.

By 2025 ICS Groep aims to achieve the following goals with Leviy:
1. All facility services in one clear dashboard
2. Integrate with all FMIS-systems

For more information, check out the infographic!

Infographic cijfers van ICS Groep en Leviy

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