Meet the Leviyanen

We believe the best results are created by happy people, therefore fun and humor are the main ingredients for our team. Meet them!
Bart van Velden
Recent developments and technologies? Not new to me anymore, I'm the connection between Leviy and new opportunities.
Caroline Nieuwsma
Customer Success Lead
My passion for hospitality fuels me in helping our clients to improve their daily operations.
Casper van Goethem
Sales Consultant
I love to help organisations get the best (user)experience. Learning from eachother is the best way to make this happen.
Christiaan Baartse
Software Engineer
Always learning something new and using acquired knowledge into better processes, software and solutions.
Daniëlle Arts
Customer Success Manager
I am excited to work as a customer manager to work with the customer to digitise their daily work.
Dime Galev
Software Engineer
Strategic thinking is well suited to me. As a Macedonian, I keep my head cool.
Emily Hortulanus
Product Manager
I love designing experiences that empower people. My superpowers are my energy and drive to challenge the world as we know it.
Jeroen Wijninga
Sales Director
In my role as responsible for the commercial strategy, I am energised to leverage innovation to exceed market expectations.
John de Kruif
Head of Administration
Who needs a superhero when you are a director of financial operations.
Josephine de Bruijne - Boom
Software Engineer
I like to create technical and creative solutions together with our team to help our clients achieve their goals.
Kevin Lampe
Client Support
What can I say except, "You're welcome"
Klaas Koenraadt
Integrations Specialist
As a member of our professional services I want to help clients to experience our services as the best
Leviy Seal
Swim hero
I love swimming in the sea and am happy that I was able to return back there after Leviy adopted me. Fresh fish is on the menu each day, which is my favourite!
Michiel Hillebrand
Managing Director
I love to travel and get my enthusiasm out of exceeding client expectations. Therefore I am always willing to go the extra mile!
Renske Gillissen
Office Assistant
I find satisfaction in working on diverse tasks within the office, learning new things, and striving for optimal efficiency.
Robina de Jong
Technical Project Lead
As a horse owner, I have a natural sense of leadership, I love working together and I quickly adapt in case of unexpected situations. Together with our customers, I like to strive for the maximum.
Ronald Schelling
Software Engineer
"You can never know enough to stop learning", that's my motto. With coding as a job and design and technology as a passion, that motto will be fine.
Semi Cayci
Software Engineer
I'm a highly skilled software developer who's all about building super effective and optimal applications. I'm a spontaneous person, always up for learning new things and, of course, having a good laugh!
Viktor Slokker
Engineering Manager
Interested in any topic, including the processes of our clients. However, I remain critical, to achieve maximum efficiency, even if that means going off the beaten path.