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“This solution will reduce the operational time” | Gom Hospitality

This week we're celebrating International Housekeeping Week with cake at Badhotel Domburg. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the housekeeping teams for the work they do every day. Leviy’s Housekeeping module is used in many hotels and therefore we want to pay attention to this special week. We spoke with Maarten van Driel from Gom Hospitality about the implementation of our solution at Badhotel Domburg. The housekeeping team there have started using Leviy this week.
International Housekeeping Week
Celebrating International Housekeeping Week with cake!

We spoke to Maarten van Driel before the implementation of Badhotel Domburg. 

Tell me, who are you? 

“My name is Maarten van Driel and I am customer manager at Gom Hospitality. In 2017 we started the Business Unit Gom Hospitality. At the moment we are active at twenty hotels. As a customer manager, I am responsible for the services of our twenty clients. In addition, I am also working on the further development of our proposition at hotels. The Leviy application is part of this.”

What are the biggest frustrations on the work floor? What problems do you hope to solve with Leviy?

“One of our frustrations is the enormous amount of paperwork we still have. This is something you would like to reduce. In addition, the many phone calls that are made, to communicate whether a room can be released/checked, are very time-consuming. In our opinion Leviy’s Housekeeping module will bring efficiency to this. This solution will reduce the operational time, meaning the housekeeping team will have more time to focus on their primary tasks. Leviy is also integrated with the Property Management System (PMS) of Badhotel Domburg. This integration provides the reception desk with all relevant and real time information. With this we hope to optimise the communication between the hotel and the housekeeping manager.” 

Gom Hospitality
Gom Hospitality working with Leviy at Badhotel Domburg

What do you expect from Leviy?

“We expect Leviy to be a user-friendly system that will help the room attendants to easily gain control over the daily operations. I believe that our client Badhotel Domburg will also be happy with this solution, as they will get insight into the cleaning and audit process. This will allow them to act faster when a room is being cleaned or is ready for use, without having to first communicate with a supervisor.”  

What do employees on the work floor think of the new way of working in the near future? Are they looking forward to it? 

“At the moment, only supervisors are aware of Leviy’s arrival. In our experience it’s best to demonstrate the solution at the moment when we will first use it, as this is the most effective. We have already received positive reactions though, they are very curious!”

How will you get started with Leviy after the implementation of the solution?

“We will start working immediately after the implementation. If it turns out that we need extra help, we can contact our customer manager at Leviy. The first few weeks we will ensure that extra attention is given to Leviy. In addition, we are very curious about how everything is going to go. Badhotel Domburg is not the first hotel where we will use Leviy, but it is the first one with an integration with the PMS system. It’s very exciting, but I’m sure it’s going to be a success!”


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