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10 reasons why you should use Leviy

We all love lists don't we? Leviy has many advantages for you as a user and to celebrate that, we have listed these advantages for you. Are you also curious about Leviy's top 10? Read on!

1. One platform for all your daily cleaning activities
One solution to manage and monitor all your cleaning activities. Cleaning quality, issue management, file management, time & attendance and many others.

2. Integration with many other systems like ERP, PMS, FMIS & HL7
The Leviy platform connects with many other well-known software tools to create ultimate synergy.

3. High focus on user experience
Because our products are used by many different people, our product teams invest heavily in designing experiences that are pleasurable, consistent, easy to use and most importantly that solve problems for real people.

4. Great experience in digitising cleaning audits based on European cleaning standards
Leviy provides many different cleaning audits aligned with the ISO-EN 13549 standard.

5. Creating high efficiency by using smart solutions
Leviy provides many clever solutions like automated periodic task planning, task creations based on occupancy (sensors) and many more.

6. Detailed insights, reports and analytics with the integrated BI-Tool
With Leviy Analytics you can quickly create your own reports by setting your own filters and connecting your KPI’s

7. A multilingual user interface 
Leviy is available in Dutch, German, English, French, Italian and Spanish.

8. Realtime insight in daily cleaning processes
Monitor and manage all cleaning activities in real time.

9. Smart solutions for registering time & attendance
Leviy offers smart solutions for time & attendance: facial recognition, NFC tags, QR codes or portals.

10. Integrate sensors with your daily cleaning activities
Leviy connects sensors to create tasks based on occupancy, visitor account or refill for soap dispensers or towels.

Curious about the possibilities with Leviy?

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