We went back to where it started… | Leviy

Quality management is where it all began at Leviy 5 years ago. Since then Leviy has grown into a fully-fledged platform that can support the entire daily cleaning operation. By continuously looking ahead we have been able to capitalise on many new opportunities, but we realise it is extremely important to also look at where we can offer even better support with our current solutions. In the past year we have returned to where it started; the quality audits and in particular those who perform these audits! Depending on the organisational structure, audits are carried out by different people within the organisation. Cluster managers, site managers and foremen play an important role in measuring quality. For convenience, we will refer to ‘the inspector’ below.

Short feedback loop = key

We compare audits to a short feedback loop to continuously increase the quality of cleaning. If employees receive continuous feedback and apply these points for improvement, this will positively influence the quality of the cleaning.

However, we know that inspectors often have a crowded agenda. In addition to conducting audits, there are other important issues that also require attention, such as conversations with customers and employees, administration, sick employees etcetera. Consequencently audits sometimes get lost out of sight. We believe this is a shame, as we see a lot of value in short feedback loops and we would also like to take you by the hand to benefit from these.

For this reason we have asked ourselves the following question;

“How might we ensure that inspectors do not lose sight of their audits during their hectic working days?”

After a number of feedback sessions, we proudly present our new Audits environment in the app. We have listed a few advantages:

  • All to-do’s in one clear list

The total list of planned audits can be found under the Audits button in the app. With one clear to-do list, inspectors will never lose sight of an audit. For each audit there is an indicator that shows how many days the inspector still has to perform this audit. In addition, the inspector can also gain insight into upcoming audits.

  • Reminders

The object page in the app is the place where actions can be registered and audit history can be found. This page contains reminders to remind inspectors of today’s audits. As an additional reminder, these reminders are also be shown on the homepage of the app. The coming period we will be investigating how we can improve this to show the next upcoming audits, as audits are usually planned for a period and not for a specific day.

  • Easy search

Looking for a specific audit? Or curious about how many audits are still due for an object? Using the filter you can easily search the to-do list. In addition, the to-do list can also be accessed from the client, object or unit page.

  • All communication in one place

Calls and emails to the office to communicate about the planned audits are no longer necessary. With the new Audits environment, it is easy to communicate when an audit cannot be performed. In the Dashboard, the audit will be marked as “Closed”, together with the specified reason. This not only saves time for the inspector, but also provides people in the office with insight into what is happening on the workfloor.