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Why Leviy is good at optimising work processes and quality management

This is what we all strive for: a satisfied customer, visitor or guest. You want the cleaning quality of that particular area, toilet, bed, cottage or room to be as high as possible and continuously improve where necessary. Clean. Measure and adjust. So why is Leviy the solution? We asked our employees and they answered that one question: Why is Leviy good at optimising work processes and quality management and how do we do this?

The entire process 

“When digitising work processes, we do not only look at the audit or checklist, but we dive into the entire process surrounding these audits. As a cleaning company, hospital, hotel or holiday park you ultimately want to have a grip on the total quality management. 

We start with the consistent measurement of quality and examine which audit method suits the case best. All data is configured in the Dashboard and a planning is made on the basis of the cleaning schedules. 

Quality management is made as simple as possible: the user plans the audits, the cleaner carries them out and the manager monitors them via the Dashboard. Have the planned audits been conducted or are adjustments needed? Is everything on schedule and have the results improved compared to the previous audit(s)? Good quality management starts with these kinds of questions and also collects the most accurate and valuable data so that quality can be improved where necessary.” – Bouke, Sales Manager

“It is great to contribute to the job satisfaction of someone who works with our software.”
– Josephine, Software Engineer

Analyses and integrations

“Within Leviy you always have the possibility to consult the collected data in Leviy Analytics, where you can view and analyse the daily activity. Leviy can integrate with other systems so that the desired information automatically ends up in the right place. We look at the possibilities per use case and apply the best solution.” – Klaas, Integrations Specialist

“Short lines of communication between the departments, information directly in the right place and improvements to the efficiency of cleaning. This is how we increase the quality of cleaning and guest satisfaction. That’s what makes me so happy!”
– Caroline, Client Manager. 

Understanding our users

“If there is one thing that makes us enthusiastic, it is listening to our users. Simply letting the other person speak and listening to what they say. Leviy is able to respond quickly, seek contact with the user and offer a listening ear. This does not mean that we can solve everything, but by doing research we gain insight into what customers want and how they want to use Leviy. This ensures that the working method fits the work processes of a hotel, cleaning company, hospital or holiday park.” – Michiel, COO.

“Choices we make during the development of a new feature are based on the people who actually get to work with it. This ensures that decisions are made based on work processes and not on assumptions. Every button in the App and every view in the Dashboard are inspired by our users.” – Josephine, Software Engineer

“When digitising work processes, we do not only look at the audit or checklist, but we dive into the entire process surrounding these audits.”
– Bouke, Sales Manager

Actively involved on the work floor

“For our customers, Leviy is a software provider that is easy to reach. We actively involve our users in development processes and carry out various pilots. Together with our customers and users, we learn more about all aspects of cleaning and quality management. 

What I like most is the collaboration, where you are actively involved in a pilot or  product development together with the customer. It’s important that we do not forget to celebrate the successes with each other after enthusiastic responses of those involved, because that’s also part of the process!” – Robina, Client Manager

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